Monday, March 20, 2006

Security Readings Update

A few more interesting readings published recently that you might wish to check out in the near-term future:

Atlantic Monthly
“Double Blind: The Untold Story of How British Intelligence Infiltrated and Undermined the IRA” by Matthew Teague

“Big Brother Is Listening: The NSA has the ability to eavesdrop on your communications –landlines, cell phones, e-mails, BlackBerry messages, Internet searches, and more –with ease. What happens when the technology of espionage outstrips the law’s ability to protect ordinary citizens from it?” by James Bamford

“Worse Than Iraq?: Nigeria’s President and onetime hope for a stable future is leading his country toward implosion –and possible U.S. military intervention” by Jeffrey Tayler

Harvard International Review
“On the Loose: The Market for Nuclear Weapons” by Charles Ferguson

“The Terror Market: Networks and Enforcement in the West” by Rohan Gunaratna

“Toward Reengagement: A Shift in US-Libyan Relations” by Congressman Silvestre Reyes

World Policy Journal (Winter 2005/06)
“The U.S. – European Torture Dispute: An Autopsy” by Godfrey Hodgson

The National Interest
“Her Majesty’s Secret Service” by Steven Simon & Jonathan Stevenson
(Discussing how British authorities coped with the London bombings)

“Terror and the Fifth Republic” by Alexis Debat
(Dense, not particularly readable, but provides an overview of French counterterrorism)

“Arming Europe” by Seth Jones & Stephen Larrabee

“Limiting the Damage: Nuclear hypocrisy for India’s sake endangers U.S. Security” by Robert Einhorn

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
“Why States Choose Paramilitarism” by Arial Ahram

“Architects of Peace: The African Union and NEPAD” by James Busmtwi-Sam

“Demographics and Security in Maritime Southeast Asia” by Brian Nichiporuk, Clifford Grammich, Angel Rabasa, and Jule Davanzo

“The Darfur Dilemma: U.S. Policy Toward the ICC” John Stompor

“Trouble in Paradise: Nepals’ Tryst with Insurgency and Despotism” by Harsh Pant

“Armitage on Iraq: Applying History’s Lessons” Interview with Richard Armitage

International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Vo. 19 No. 1 Spring 2006
“Using Financial Intelligence Against the Funding of Terrorism” by Martin Rudner

“A Silent Debate: The Role of Intelligence in the UK Arms Trade” by Robert Dover

“Restoring the Red Line Between Intelligence and Policy on Covert Action” by James Steiner

Foreign Affairs

“Intelligence, Policy, and the War in Iraq” by Paul Pillar